About us

Laura and Delia

We are sisters Laura and Delia Fiori (Sorres in Sardinian dialect means sisters). We decided to continue our winemaking activity, which has always been an important economic resource for our land, and took over from our father Nicolino in the management of the company he had inherited from our grandfather.

Before making this decision, we considered it important to train ourselves and have different experiences in order to be ready to meet the demands and expectations of both the Italian and foreign markets. We also did a lot of practice to learn the work of the winemaker, because for us there can be no theory without practice, and vice versa.

Our roots

It was back in 1943 when our grandparents bought a plot of land that was reclaimed and cultivated with vineyards. At the time, the sapling systems accommodated different indigenous vines that were grown and vinified together, both red and white grapes. The land was worked with the help of mules, which were considered to be akin to family members. Since he was a child, our father helped our grandfather in the countryside; when he grew up, our grandfather entrusted him with the management of the entire activity.

At the end of the 90sthe vineyard was uprooted and between 2001and 2003 it was replanted with a more innovative and modern perspective, including the introduction of tractors.

Production under the Sorres brand began in 2013, marking the transition from the production of bulk wine to that of bottled wine.

The experience of what has been, our training, the dialogue with different foreign and national realities have allowed us to see things with different eyes.

Our Values

  • Quality

    For us, a good wine is born first of all in the vineyard. It is the careful care of the plants and their fruits that allows achieving high quality in the glass. Our vines are worked manually, the yield per hectare of the plants is low and harvesting is carried out with utmost care, selecting only the best fruits.
  • Sustainability

    We believe that it is essential to cultivate while respecting and protecting the environment and its ecosystem, in order to guarantee a future for us and for the next generations.
  • Our Land

    The imprint of the territory is what must characterise the wines, which makes them recognizable and unique. Our wines speak of Romangia, of our hills whipped by the mistral wind that blows over the Gulf of Asinara, and of vines that grow on a clayey limestone soil surrounded by Mediterranean scrub.
  • Craftsmanship

    We believe in the uniqueness of our products, nothing of what we do is standardised, but born of discrete needs. Our wines embody their vintages, tell their and our story, and about our choices and the care we have taken to produce them.